Aria Travel Kit: An airplane travel kit for those who don’t like roughing it

I’m so happy to tell you all about a new product I’ve recently discovered – one that combines two of my passions: travel and supporting local. Airplane rides generally suck. And I’m guessing you likely agree with me unless you happen to be a baller who is able to fly first class every time. Cue Aria. Aria was founded and developed by Vancouver-based entrepreneur Erin Reynel in an effort to provide a journey (regardless of which class you fly) that you can love as much as the destination. A world traveller herself,… Read More

Why I’m giving up my 9-5 (that I liked)

Before we begin, this isn’t your typical “I was working at a dead-end job in an industry I didn’t care about, working for people who I couldn’t relate to” soul-sucking situation. Not at all. I have a job I like. I work for one of the coolest companies in Vancouver and for some of the best people. I get to use my skills and passions, I get to take on really cool projects that have made and continue to make a difference. I work with people who I consider my… Read More

Review: LUSH skincare products for oily skin

I would normally open a piece like this with a bit of background on the brand. But if you haven’t heard of LUSH by now, you’re beyond the point of my help. Okay so that was a bit harsh, but seriously. If you don’t already know about this Vancouver-based brand who has turned bath time around the globe into water that looks like a unicorn pooped in it, then you should also know that bath bombs aside, they have amazing brand values, and also have skincare that is vegetarian and… Read More

Instahacks: The best way to edit photos for Instagram

Among the questions I’m often asked when it comes to Instagram, this is one of the most common. There are many, many ways to edit photos for Instagram. From simply using the features inside the app itself, to using third-party apps such as VSCOcam and Snapseed, to my personal favourite, Adobe Lightroom. Uh oh, an Adobe program. That must be complicated. Not so fast. Those of you who already use (and likely love Lightroom) know that it doesn’t take much to get going on the program. The user interface is… Read More

Bali Bliss at Bisma Eight

As I sit here in the airport in Denpasar, Bali, waiting to check into my 1 am flight to Guangzhou, China, I am already reflecting on my first trip south of the equator. Out of all of the tropical destinations I’ve been (Thailand, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and now Indonesia), I can say with confidence that Bali has been my absolute favourite. A bit hot for my liking (it was approximately 31 degrees celsius during my entire stay!), but absolutely amazing nonetheless. It’s pretty rare when I can say that a… Read More

Instahacks: 7 things that will get you unfollowed on Instagram

Many people are often so focused on doing what will gain them more followers, that they fail to ignore the actions they take that are causing people to unfollow them. Below are 7 reasons that people might unfollow you. If you care about that sort of thing. Posting too often No no, I’m not talking about the users who post 1-2 times per day, often with different or complementary content. I’m talking about those users who post 3 photos in a row. Of the exact same thing. Nobody wants to… Read More