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Makeup + Skin Care Routine for Oily + Acne Prone Skin

After almost 15 years of struggling to find a solution for my oily, acne-prone skin, I have finally, in the past few months, found a combination of products that have actually worked and changed my skin for the better! Check out the video above for a peek at my current skin care routine, and see below for a full list of the products mentioned in the video. *Again, I am not a professional, and this is no substitute for professional advice. LUSH – Ultrabland   Nip + Fab – Glycolic Scrub… Read More

How To: Fix Orange Hair at Home, Sans Damage

Oh the joy of being a natural brunette but wanting to sport blonde locks. Easy peasy if you’ve got lots of money to spend on having it professionally done every 6 weeks and time to sit in a chair for 3 hours during business hours. For those of us who don’t, and dare to dye at home, orange hair is often a sad reality of our blonde endeavours. The last time I went blonde at home, I attempted to fix the orange roots that I ended up with myself. I thought,… Read More