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I would normally open a piece like this with a bit of background on the brand. But if you haven’t heard of LUSH by now, you’re beyond the point of my help. Okay so that was a bit harsh, but seriously. If you don’t already know about this Vancouver-based brand who has turned bath time around the globe into water that looks like a unicorn pooped in it, then you should also know that bath bombs aside, they have amazing brand values, and also have skincare that is vegetarian and cruelty-free.

As some of you know, I have really really REALLY oily skin. Partially because of hormonal issues that I have little control over unfortunately. However, I have been able to improve my skin a bit over the past couple of years through carefully choosing what I use on it. One of my favourite finds of all time has been LUSH’s Ultra Bland (you can watch my video that includes why here), so I was excited to be able to try out some more of their skincare products recently. Please keep in mind that these are just my personal opinions on them, and you may or may not find the same about them. Without further ado, let’s go through them:


Dark Angels

Dark Angels | © Caley Dimmock

Dark Angels is an exfoliating cleanser made from Moroccan lava clay (sounds pretty epic, right?), charcoal, black sugar, and a bunch of other super awesome fresh ingredients. Aside from exfoliating, it also helps to absorb excess oil (yessssss) and brighten your complexion. Personally, my favourite part about this product is how intensely it exfoliates. Most products that promise to do this are simply too gentle for my skin, so I really appreciate this. My skin seemed to break out a little bit more than usual when I first started using it, but it calmed back down after about a week of use (sometimes it can take your skin a while to get used to a new routine).

Me rocking a Dark Angels moustache and beard after my rinse attempt didn’t go so well, lol.

The only downside to this product for me is that it’s quite messy. After all, it is made from charcoal. I had been using it right after Ultrabland and found it nearly impossible to rinse without soap, but this improved when I stopped cleansing my face with Ultrabland immediately before use. Just make sure to check your face in the mirror to see if you’ve fully rinsed it off before wiping to avoid making a mess of your towel.



Vanishing Cream

I haven’t used a moisturizer regularly for ….. wait. I’ve never used a moisturizer regularly. I’ve never been one to moisturize simply because within 5 minutes of using one my face is usually super slick. It always makes it feel like my skin can’t breathe. But I’ve recently learned that I really should be moisturizing, and by doing so, it may actually help my skin to produce less oil.

Vanishing Cream | © Caley Dimmock

Cue LUSH’s Vanishing Cream, a super-light moisturizer that aims to balance oily skin and absorbs super fast – with no leftover residue. It also smells lovely because it’s made with lavender. While still a bit sceptic, I think I may have finally found a moisturizer that I can use on the regular.

Vanishing Cream | © Caley Dimmock

It even contains witch hazel, which is something I had been using on its own to tone my face. While I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my skin yet (it’s only been a week and a half), I do have high hopes. I know that moisturizing is extremely important, especially as I make my way into my late twenties and am starting to see fine lines on my forehead already (eeeeek), so I am pretty stoked to have my hands on a product specifically made for skin like mine. And that scent. So. Calming.


Eau Roma Water

Eau Roma Water | © Caley Dimmock

So fresh and so clean. But really. This stuff is so nice. And good for most skin types. I’ve been using it after I cleanse my face and it’s been making my face feel really calm, which I find is important after you cleanse and scrub the ba-jeezus out of it. Provided what I now know about oily skin, I have been using it a couple times throughout the day and I’ve noticed that my skin seems to be feeling more balanced. Especially considering it used to go from oily to fresh-feeling only to go back to oily within a hot minute. I’ve also noticed that it helps to reduce the redness in my skin in a matter of minutes.

While I’m definitely happy with this toner thus far, I would be very curious to try  Tea Tree Water because it is specifically for oily skin, and I’ve heard that tea tree can do wonders for hormonal acne.


Mask of Magnaminty

Mask of Magnaminty | © Caley Dimmock

The first thing I noticed about this mask was the smell. I wanted to eat it. It smells like the freshest pack of spearmint gum you’ve ever come across. Okay, maybe I’m biased because I love that smell, but it does contain peppermint oil, which also has many other benefits including headache relief.

Another noteworthy trait of this product is that it’s self-preserving.

“Self what da whatta?”

Self-preserving. Which means just like 65% of all LUSH products, instead of using synthetic ingredients to stay fresh, it contains ingredients that are meticulously balanced in a way that inhibits bacteria growth and keeps them clean. I dig this. Especially considering that after being washed down the drain, synthetics can have toxic effects over time in our waterways.

Mask of Magnaminty | © Caley Dimmock

Okay so back to the mask. It gave my skin a mellow tingly feeling and didn’t feel too tight as it set. It rinsed off really easily with warm water and left my skin feeling super soft. As a bonus, after I rinsed it, the areas where I have acne (mostly my jaw area) also seemed less inflamed. Overall, I think this was probably my favourite product of the four I tried.

So far, LUSH’s skincare has seemed to do good things for me, so I’m excited to see how it further benefits my skin over time. If there was something from these four that I may not use long-term, it would have to be Dark Angels. Just because I am so tied to removing makeup and cleansing with Ultrabland, and the two of them just don’t seem to go together that well since it makes rinsing Dark Angels off so difficult.

And if there was something I would add to my regular skincare routine right away, it would definitely have to be Mask of Magnaminty. I am also pretty excited about Vanishing Cream but need more time to make a full decision, and am also really enjoying Eau Roma Water but think the Tea Tree Water could potentially be a better fit for my skin.

What are your favourite LUSH skincare products? Have you tried any of the ones I’ve mentioned here? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

*I was gifted these products by LUSH Cosmetics at no agreement of providing content or review. As usual, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Regina July 17, 2017 at 5:32 am

    I simply love Lush! I always enjoy shopping there, everyone is so friendly and happy to assist. I just got a sea salt exfoliator which makes my skin so lovely.


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