I’m so happy to tell you all about a new product I’ve recently discovered – one that combines two of my passions: travel and supporting local. Airplane rides generally suck. And I’m guessing you likely agree with me unless you happen to be a baller who is able to fly first class every time. Cue Aria.

Aria Travel Kit
Aria Kit | © Caley Dimmock

Aria was founded and developed by Vancouver-based entrepreneur Erin Reynel in an effort to provide a journey (regardless of which class you fly) that you can love as much as the destination. A world traveller herself, she understands the little things that make all the difference, and it definitely shows in her product.

Aria Travel Kit
Aria Kit | © Caley Dimmock

The Aria Travel Kit is compact, durable, beautiful, and is filled with high-quality travel-size products organized into their own perfectly fitted compartments. And the goods are ones I can get behind – mostly handmade and/or organic. Here’s what’s included:

      • Handmade face/body moisturizer
        Handmade all-natural lip balm
        Handmade natural toothpaste
        Natural deodorant (that works)
        Alcohol-free moist towelettes
        Silk sleeping eye mask
        Metallic gummi earbuds
        Biodegradable toothbrush (so cool)
        Soundproof invisible earplugs
        Fluffy microfibre socks
        Metallic pen
Aria Travel Kit
Aria Kit | © CaleyDimmock

Some of my favourites in the kit are definitely the toothbrush and natural toothpaste – nothing makes me feel grosser than filmy teeth. And also the handmade deodorant. Being stinky is also not a cool feeling. I always buy aluminum-free deodorant, so I’m very pleased that the deodorant (which is produced by Wood’s Body Goods in Saskatchewan) in the kit also falls into this category.

Aria Travel Kit
Aria Kit | © CaleyDimmock
Aria Travel Kit
Aria Kit | © CaleyDimmock

Overall, I’m really excited to take the Aria Travel Kit with me on my next adventure… wherever that may be. I love the idea of having a beautiful and super organized airplane kit that I can feel good about.

If you’re interested in supporting local and travelling more comfortably, you can pick one up for yourself (or as a gift for a lucky someone) and receive 10% off by using the code CJDIMMOCK at the checkout on the Aria website until May 31, 2017. They also offer free shipping in Canada and the US!

And if you’re in the Vancouver area, you can catch Aria at the upcoming Fall for Local Pop-up Market in North Vancouver on April 29 + 30. See more info here. Fall for Local is one of my favourite pop-up events in Vancouver, so if you decide to go there’s a good chance I will see you there!

Happy (and comfortable) travels everyone!

*This blog post was sponsored by Aria Kit. As per usual, all opinions are my own.

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