META ADS ACADEMY is a 12-week online training program that teaches you how to run EFFECTIVE Facebook and Instagram Ads from the ground up. 



SEPT - NOV 2023

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How would it feel if you...

could grow your biz revenue or job salary by learning a skill that is based on expertise and not trading hours for $

Knew which type of media to use and which copy to pair it with for each different campaign and offer?

Could to track the success of your ads, even with the new iOS 14 changes?

Knew how to sell your offers via ads to those who care, and save money by not targeting those who aren't ready?

could stop worrying about the algorithms in order for people to see your posts and offers?

Were saving MAJOR $ by learning how to execute this high-level skill and scale at your own pace, with no minimum ad spend?

And through my nine years of Facebook™ Ads experience I've...

  • Built five-figure email lists at less than 0.75 per lead

  • Sold out numerous workshops, events, services, and programs for myself and my clients

  • Achieved an average return on ad spend of 5x for my clients, and even achieving as high as 50x for some

  • Helped businesses grow to multi-6 and 7-figures in revenue

  • Built my own multi-six figure service-based business

That's why I'm here to help. 

This could be YOU...

Program Details

Program Duration:
12 Weeks

Program Dates: 

call times: 
TBD, but will be on weekdays.

Group Size:
Limited to 12 participants


Support Group via Slack 

Replays of all coaching calls will be accessible for TWO years past sign-up

VIP Option:
Access 3 x monthly 1-on-1 60 minute deep dive calls with Caley for an added fee

$2,400 USD or 3 Monthly Payments of $850 USD

join the waitlist for 2024

"Before joining Caley's program, I felt like I was literally burning money with Facebook Ads. I would sink hours into internet searching trying to figure out what to do, my ads were getting rejected, and I just didn't feel confident navigating the platform in general. I remember feeling like I didn't even want my assistant to see my Ads Manager because of my past results. 

When I heard about Caley's program, I hesitated for a minute because of the cost, but then quickly did the math with how much an ads manager would cost, PLUS the lost money from not knowing what I was doing with ads to begin with, so the decision to join became a total no brainer. 

And now after having joined, I feel so much more confident with everything about ads and how to dial them in so my profitability keeps going up.  I don't feel worried or confused about how to set up ads, how to track their success, or how to target exactly who I want to see my ads. And honestly, I just feel really excited to start scaling my online products and I'm confident that I know exactly how to do it. "



"I'd highly recommend this program to anyone who has an online biz, Caley is a total expert."

want to learn Facebook & Instagram Ads either for your own business, to offer it as a service to others, or to add it to your employable skills

are anywhere from a complete beginner to someone who considers themselves to be at an intermediate level with ads

want to have support, accountability, and grow your skillset in a group of like-minded individuals from around the globe

Meta Ads Academy is for you if you...

are already a Facebook and Instagram Ads Expert (ask me about my advanced level training)

Meta Ads Academy is NOT for you if you...

"This course TOTALLY changed the game for me."


Hiring a contractor or agency to manage your ads costs anywhere from $15k-$60k+ PER YEAR.

Traffic Turn Up is only a one time investment of $1,997 USD. Yup, that's it.

There is also a payment plan available of 3 monthly payments of $747 USD.

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz"

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In this program you'll learn everything you need to know to be able to run effective Facebook and Instagram Ads. 

"The ability to ask Caley anything and pull from her 8 years of knowledge and experience is what sets this course apart."


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What day of the week and time will the live calls be?

A: The exact Sept- Nov 2023 schedule is TBD -- calls are planned based on the availability of all participants. Calls will be on weekdays.

Q: What if I can't make the calls each week?

A: No problem! I know life gets busy. That's why you get access to the curriculum and replays of all the coaching calls for two years.

Q: I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to ads, but I want to learn how to drive traffic to build my list and sell my offers and products. Is this program for me?

A: We will be starting with the basics before we ramp it up, so you will have a ton of support and guidance, even if you're a complete beginner!

Q: I already have some experience when it comes to Facebook™ Ads, but I'm really just interested in getting to the next level, is this program for me?

A: I promise you that you're sure to learn something new as this is a very high level, in-depth program. Furthermore, you get to use your time on our hot seat calls to ask me anything about ads, relevant to where you're currently at. Say hello to advanced level advice!

Q: Is between call support included?

A: Yes! We'll all be together in Slack for the 12 weeks where you can ask anything that comes up for you. If you are looking for 1:1 support to be able to dive deep, there is also a VIP option for an added fee, where you get 3 x 1:1 coaching calls.

Q: I'm so busy, I don't have time to learn ads. Can I enroll a team member or employee instead?

A:  Absolutely!

Let's do this thing.