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Instahacks: How to tell if someone has fake Instagram followers

Last updated July 5, 2017. Scroll to bottom for most recent additions. I felt obligated to write about this subject after bringing it up in social conversation and hearing time after time: Whoa. Are you serious? People actually buy Instagram followers?! Yes. Yes, they do. This post is meant to help people – mainly to give insight to marketers who have jumped on the influencer marketing train and are actively sourcing individuals to help promote their business in exchange for product or monetary compensation. So, why is it important to… Read More

Instahacks: How to Save Photos from Instagram

A lot of brands shy away from Instagram thinking that they simply don’t have enough content to maintain an account. Thus, missing out on the many benefits of using this important social platform. What they fail to realize, is that using User Generated Content is extremely common on Instagram, and some brands have even built their entire following off of simply reposting (or regramming if you will), other users’ photos on their own account. While it is always courtesy to ask permission to use other Instagrammers’ photos, if you run… Read More

Instahacks: Everyone owns a marble counter. Or do they…

This post marks the beginning of a new series: Instahacks. While I don’t have an insane amount of followers, I do find myself frequently asked by others for tips and tricks that can help them improve their Instagram game, and thus get more followers. Whether you admit it or not, you likely want more followers. And while the whole aspect of people and brands following your online persona may be a bit shallow, there are some advantages (perhaps these are shallow too). Instagram can be a very powerful tool for… Read More