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This post marks the beginning of a new series: Instahacks. While I don’t have an insane amount of followers, I do find myself frequently asked by others for tips and tricks that can help them improve their Instagram game, and thus get more followers. Whether you admit it or not, you likely want more followers. And while the whole aspect of people and brands following your online persona may be a bit shallow, there are some advantages (perhaps these are shallow too). Instagram can be a very powerful tool for networking, opportunities, funnelling prospective clients, etc. etc. etc…

I used to look at popular Instagram feeds and think to myself, “Wow. Everyone must own a marble or white quartz countertop”. I was jealous of their beautifully simple surfaces that made their feed look so appealing. And while I do have a white quartz countertop, the only light present is produced by harsh halogen pot lights, creating intense shadows and hot spots similar to a car’s headlights beaming off of a window. Far from an ideal ‘set’. I was certain that there must’ve been an easier way.


I debated purchasing a slab of marble for a while. But marble is a) really expensive, and b) really heavy. I am a) not rich, and b) unable to move super heavy things repeatedly due to an injury. Thus, not the most convenient option. I then discovered an amazing product on, that would help me cheat like never before. I present to you, patterned vinyl.

Marble vinyl roll on hardwood floor

© Caley Dimmock

It’s made for sticking on surfaces to mimic a marble look but comes across extremely fake IRL. However, it’s inexpensive, easy to transport, and in photos, looks incredibly real. I love that I can take this to where the natural light is, and create beautiful photos effortlessly. I rolled it out onto my patio table as the best light is always natural light in my opinion, staged my subject matter accordingly, and presto! Expensive marble slab? Or cheap-ass vinyl adhesive roll? Who knows…

Vinyl rolled out on patio table

© Caley Dimmock

Some people choose to use printed paper, but one benefit of using printed vinyl instead is that you can wipe it clean if you spill anything on it, without damaging it. Furthermore, if you prefer to not keep it in rollable format, you can easily take a large piece of cardboard, poster board, or plywood, and apply the vinyl to the surface by peeling off the backing to expose the adhesive side of it.

The first product below is the one that I purchased. It is 18″ x 79″, however, I could’ve definitely done with some more width, so for those who would like a bigger area to work with, the second product below is 26″ x 78″, and is what I probably would go with if I were ordering again.

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  1. Douglas Shimizu says:

    First time reading your blog after seeing you on instagram. Some great ideas here. I think I need some “marble” too. Thanks. @dtsyvr

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