Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Feel Good About Giving

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As you know if you read my post Love, Death, and Mother’s Day, this day is a particularly tough one for me. But that doesn’t mean that I still can’t bring together a small list of ideas for you to gift to the special mother in your life.

I’ve selected these ideas because they hit one or all of the following characteristics: local, organic/natural/handmade, or are no/low waste. I truly believe that every time we spend money, we cast a vote for the world we want to live in. And being a conscious consumer, while very tough sometimes, is a great way to contribute to a world where everyone thinks about their effect on the environment and local economy. So without further ado:


Lo Foam Shampoo + Balance Face Cleanser

United & Free

© Caley Dimmock

Why you can feel good about it:

Based in Vancouver, this sister-brother duo, United & Free makes gender neutral plant-based products. That pretty much says it all. They’re local, plant-based, gender-neutral, and their products smell absolutely amazing. You know when you use them that you’re not using harmful chemicals or ingredients you can’t even pronounce on your body. And lastly, they even use essential oils sourced from Canadian Conifers trees in their products. My current favourite is the Lo-Foam Shampoo – a pH balancing shampoo that has relaxing scents due to rosemary, peppermint, and black spruce essential oils. Overall just good stuff from good people that you can feel good about giving your momma.



Aria Travel Kit

Aria Travel Kit

Aria Travel Kit | © CaleyDimmock

Why you can feel good about it:

I was recently honoured to collaborate with Aria – another local company founded in Vancouver. The Aria Travel Kit is a seriously cool package of products that makes the travel experience so much more comfortable. A lot of the items in the kit are natural and handmade, including all-natural deodorant that works and is made in the Canadian prairies. Furthermore, Erin Reynel, the founder of the company, is just all around a good human. I’m so excited to watch her business grow and fill this niche for providing a stylish travel kit that’s filled with super useful products that you can feel good about.
Plus, you can use my code CJDIMMOCK at the checkout to receive 10% off!


LUSH Cosmetics

Happy Mother’s Day

LUSH Mother's Day Gift

© Caley Dimmock

Why you can feel good about it:

Sooooo first of all, who doesn’t love LUSH? They’ve really outdone themselves this year by putting together this “Linger in Luxury” wrapped gift. Let’s go through it. It comes wrapped in a scarf that is made out of recycled water bottles. And then the products come in a biodegradable coconut husk and natural latex plant pot which is also filled with plantable seeded paper flowers. And then. It’s FILLED with amazing products (many of which are self-preserving) that anyone would love. My personal fav from the basket is the Scrubee – an amazing bee-shaped exfoliating body butter that smells unreal and works like a charm. Their North American HQ is also in Vancouver, and they employ a lot of really stand-up people.



Class or Workshop Registration


Unsplash | © Neslihan Gunaydin

Why you can feel good about it:

Gifting experiences instead of material items has always been a fantastic option in my opinion. I particularly love the idea of gifting the registration fee for a workshop or class. One that your mom has always wanted to take or perhaps has an interest in – or perhaps one that the two of you can do together. There’s really no price that you can put on spending time together. And as a bonus, it’s (usually) a no-waste gift. Some ideas: a yoga class, a photography workshop, a tennis lesson, a crafting workshop, you get the idea.



A Treatment at an Organic Spa

Mothers Day Organic Spa

© Roman Kraft

Why you can feel good about it:

The modern mom is busier than a 7/11 on free slurpee day. Making it incredibly unlikely that she is actually taking regular time for herself. Gifting her a treatment or an entire day at an organic spa is a great way to encourage her to take a little time for herself. Finding out her schedule ahead of time and even going ahead and booking the appointment for her works well too – no excuses for her not to go! So, why organic? Many beauty products and treatments are made with ingredients that include toxic chemicals unfortunately (looking at you, gel manicures). Luckily, there are now organic spas popping up everywhere that are using all-natural products exclusively. Choosing treatments and facilities that are toxin-free helps to clear the indoor air of pollutants, and is much safer for everyone in general.


I hope this list has given you a little inspiration for Mother’s Day, and perhaps has also reminded you to remain mindful when shopping for that special something! And lastly, a very Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there. You are all rockstars.

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