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Instahacks: 7 Women to Follow on Instagram for Aesthetic Inspiration

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Instagram is a platform for visual storytelling. Straight up, that’s what it is. So naturally, accounts run by people who have mastered perfecting the “grid” are going to have a higher chance of succeeding than those that aren’t.

There is so much that goes into having a great-looking feed – ensuring you have a concise content strategy, knowing who you’re speaking to, creating high-quality content, and putting it all together in a way that makes it striking to the eye.

Whether you’ve already got a beautiful account or not, here are 7 accounts that in my opinion, are absolutely slaying the Instagram game when it comes to how fantastic their feeds look. Take a peep and I hope some of these at least help to inspire you!




Feed screenshot of @aleksandrazee

Aleksandra Zee is an incredibly talented woodworker who hails from Oakland, California. And I must admit, I not only am obsessed with her feed, but I totally have a mega girl crush on this woman. Her feed is filled with bohemian vibes, travel inspiration, and of course, her beautiful work.




Feed screenshot of @janicejoostemaa

So aside from being a total babe, Vancouver-based model and creative director, Janice Joostema has serious feed goals. Her account is a mastery of luxurious minimalism, with a focus on fashion, beauty, and refined femininity.




Feed screenshot of @cestmaria

Maria Marie‘s feed is what pastel dreams are made of. Her content strategy includes wanderlust-inducing architecture shots, pantone-inspired details, and beautiful floral features.




Feed screenshot of @mermaidgossip

Having a bad day? Check out Emily Fisher’s Instagram account, @mermaidgossip for an instant pick-me-up. One part unicorn, one part tropical, and loaded with fun. This Bristol YouTuber and blogger certainly knows how to communicate good times in a visual format!




Feed screenshot of @lindsaymcmullen

Even if I didn’t have a special place in my heart for people from my home province of Nova Scotia, designer Lindsay McMullen would definitely still be on this list. She has this magical way of translating her life into photos that look super cohesive beside each other. Everything from her travel photos, to her illustrations, to her dog, and even her mom. And she still makes it all look stellar side by side. Now that’s talent.




Feed screenshot of @belliwood_boholiving

While I can’t understand a word she says in her captions because I don’t speak German, I do know that Claudia’s feed inspires some serious home decoration urges. I also appreciate that in a moment where minimalism is such a huge visual trend, she manages to put together a feed that is busy, yet amazingly united.




Feed screenshot of @sarahdelaneyart

How. Seriously, how?! Aside from being one of my favourite artists, Sarah Delaney is also a genius at mixing her art into her Instagram feed. For artists looking to build their personal brand on Instagram, you best pay close attention to this Vancouver-based woman.

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