You’re missing this one crucial piece with your testimonials

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As a business owner or service provider, you definitely already know that you need testimonials to help you secure future business. Sure, singing your own praises is fine and dandy, but when it comes from someone else who has had an incredible experience with your business, it makes an even greater impression.

Most of us ask for a testimonial as soon as the working relationship ends, to reflect the experience, transformation, and results seen during your time together. This makes sense, right?

But here’s the missing link…

What about all the growth that continues to happen days, weeks, months, or even years after the contract or project wrapped?

It was through watching my past business coaching clients that this ‘aha’ moment came to be. Most of these folks had experienced measurable, tangible growth in their businesses during our time together… but the concepts, mindset changes, and strategies I guided them with influenced even greater growth in the long term!

As an example, one of my clients was earning about $3k per month in their freelancing business when we first started working together. By the time our coaching relationship had ended, they had hit their first $10k month. But today, a year after our coaching relationship ended… they earn even more that than, consistently, and now own a marketing agency with three staff members!

Sure the initial testimonial was strong, but do you see how approaching this past client for an updated version might create an even bigger impact?

Getting in touch with past clients for an update on their journey not only gives you an opportunity for an updated testimonial with the true scope of the results they had, but it also creates an opportunity to be on their radar again and potentially create a repeat client.

I challenge you to go through your existing testimonials and ask yourself if there are any that you might have an opportunity to refresh to create even stronger social proof of your capabilities.

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Hi, I'm Caley.
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I knew I wanted to work for myself since the age of four. Yep, I'm serious. However, I didn't take the leap into full-time self-employment until I was 27. It's now five years since then, and I haven't looked back once. I've served clients across the globe, providing winning digital advertising, e-commerce strategy, email marketing, photography, and more. And now it's time for me to pass this knowledge on to you.

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